World Record Attempt - Longest Ice Cream Dessert

On June 11, 2016 House of Flavors will team up with Downtown Ludington and Love Ludington to attempt to break the world record for the longest ice cream dessert. Once the sundae is built, there will be 12,750+ scoops of ice cream that will need to be devoured. It's a tough job... but we're hoping that many will step forward to take on the challenge.

The record to beat is held by the city of Auckland, New Zealand. The city built and consumed an ice cream dessert on Feb. 28, 2015 measuring 596.50 meters (1957 feet/1 inch. To qualify, the dessert must be one continuous food item - thus ice scream scoops will touch each other with no spaces or breaks. The ice cream dessert must be entirely edible and given away for general consumption after it is measured.

This event will serve as the 2016 gathering for "Love Ludington", a grassroots community movement that highlights and promotes what people love about Ludington and it's residents. Past activities include installing a downtown community garden, painting murals, sunset beach bonfires and taking an aerial photo of hundreds of people grouped into a heart shape in Downtown Ludington.

The event takes place the same day as the Lakestride Half Marathon, allowing runners to replenish calories burned in the race.

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Downtown Ludington, on Ludington Avenue from Harrison Street to Park Street. 


Saturday, June 11th at 6pm
Arrive at 5pm to help and/or watch the giant sundae being built.


To have a great time, beat a world record and come together as a community to show love for Ludington. 


Anyone can come down to get free ice cream after the dessert has been measured, but we will need about 500 volunteers to build the sundae.



Block Captains & Block Managers

Registration & Training at Rotary Park (next to House of Flavors), downtown Ludington is promptly at 3pm - Saturday, June 11, 2016.


Registration & Training at Rotary Park (next to House of Flavors), downtown Ludington is promptly at 4pm - Saturday, June 11, 2016.

*World Record Attempt Team Assignments are limited to the first 1,100 volunteers.  Clean up team volunteer opportunities are unlimited!

Viewers & Eaters

Please stay out of the westbound lanes of Ludington Avenue from Harrison St. to Park St. beginning at noon on Saturday, June 11.  The lanes must stay clear for emergency & distribution vehicles, and our documentation crew.  Your safety is critical to us.  We encourage you to find downtown businesses to shop & enjoy!  At 5pm - please gather (not in the westbound lanes of Ludington Ave.) from Park St. to Harrison St. in preparation to eat the world record sundae.  Our time estimate for eating is 6:15/20pm.  Please be organized, respectful of others, and quick to eat your sundae so we can set a world record!

*World Record Attempt Sundaes will be available while supplies last.  We will have 13,000+ scoops of sundae to love in downtown Ludington!


A half mile (2640 feet or 31680 inches or about 8 city blocks)

Amount of Ice Cream:
900 gallons from 300 three-gallon containers
15,000+ scoops of ice cream
Thanks to House of Flavors

800lb of chocolate syrup
600 cans of whipped cream
2,000+ Michigan maraschino cherries
Thanks to Sysco and Cherry Man

Number of tables:
350 tables

One continuous metal trough constructed from seamless house gutter to hold the ice cream dessert. 
Thanks to Square Deal Building Supply and Superior Seamless Gutter 

Number of Ice Cream Eaters:
7500 people would get two scoops each or 15,000 would get 1 scoop

Number of Scoopers: