Go take a hike!


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Ludington State Park has miles of trails featuring scenic sand dunes, sandy beaches, ponds, marshlands, forests and the Big Sable Lighthouse. It is situated between Hamlin Lake and Lake Michigan with several miles of shoreline and beaches on both bodies of water. 

Not sure where to start? The Lighthouse Road never disappoints. This 2-mile unpaved road winds between Lake Michigan and the forrest with your final destination being the Big Sable Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse is open for tours seasonally. Get more info from the Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association.

If you are feeling more adventurous, park at near the Beach House and take the boardwalk to the Island Trail for a hike along Hamlin Lake. Pick up the Ridge Trail around mile 2 to head deeper into the forrest. The Ridge Trail will take you up in elevation where you'll catch a glimpse of Lake Michigan and the Big Sable Lighthouse in the distance before it takes you back towards the Beachwood campround area and back to the parking lot for a total of 4.25 miles. 


Trail Map

This property is owned by Ludington Area Schools and is open to the public. Leashed dogs are welcome.